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Who We Are

Established in 2016, Underpin doo is dedicated to delivering top-notch services in the construction industry and technical maintenance of properties. Our company is located in Podgorica, Montenegro.

At Underpin, we specialize in creating innovative projects, providing final construction works, and offering advanced maintenance solutions for various structures. Our focus extends beyond mere construction and improvement; we aim to create accessible environments for all. We take great pride in our expertise in installing elements that facilitate the mobility of visually impaired individuals, including ramps, tactile surfaces, and other innovative approaches.

Our team of experts is committed to providing the best solutions using the latest technologies and methods. We offer comprehensive solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

At Underpin, we believe in quality, innovation, and adaptability. Our dedication to excellence and focus on creating sustainable, functional spaces make us a trusted partner for all your construction needs.

Thank you for your interest in us. We are delighted to assist you in realizing your projects.

Building a better, more accessible world, one innovative project at a time


The cooperation with the company Underpin on several large and countless smaller projects had such a result that we continued cooperation with these clients on subsequent projects or they were a recommendation for some new clients and the realization of their projects.


We had the privilege of working with the company Underpin on the renovation project of our office premises. Their expertise in finishing works and attention to detail have ensured that our premises reflect the dignity and elegance that befits our reputation. Many thanks for a job well done.

Adriatic bank

Through a number of years of cooperation with a large number of companies in the field of construction, the company Underpin stood out for its quality, speed of service and extremely fair business relationship. Thanks to this cooperation, significant projects were implemented to arrange the facilities of the bank’s business network, which contributed to the achievement of our excellent results in banking operations.

With great satisfaction and confidence in female entrepreneurship, we are sure that Underpin will continue to be our partner in achieving high goals and results.