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At Underpin DOO, we strive to be the gold standard in final construction works, ensuring every project stands as a testament to quality and precision.


We envision a world where construction finishes are not just functional but also embody artistry and innovation.


Founded with a passion for excellence, Underpin DOO has grown over the years to become a trusted name in the construction industry.


From tactile surfaces to custom furniture, every project we undertake is executed with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to client satisfaction.

Company Underpin, based in Podgorica, Montenegro, successfully operates in the field of designing project documentation, execution of all final works in construction and technical maintenance of facilities. Additionally, our focus, apart from the mentioned areas, is pointed towards the removal of architectural barriers and the installation of prescribed elements in order to create an accessible environment for people with disabilities.

With expertise and dedication, the Underpin company has managed to position itself in the regional market, with dedication and willingness to respond to the increasingly dynamic and complex needs of modern construction, working to digest the conditions and for wider action.


Project design

Drafting project documentation, from conceptual solution to executing project in all phases. Creation of a project with elements for adapting facilities for the access and movement of people with disabilities

Final interior works

We are dedicated to the execution of final works in accordance with project documentation and technical regulations and norms in this field, which ensures their excellent quality.

Technical maintenance of facilities

Regular technical maintenance of installations and equipment in buildings ensures the long-term functionality and usability of the building

Adaptation of facilities to persons with disabilities

Installation of all types of fixed and mobile ramps for people with reduced mobility.
Tactile surfaces for orientation of blind and partially sighted people.
Orientation plans and Braille markings.

Wire frame building
Clear Filters
Elements for PWDs
Tivat airport
Office +
Adriatic bank

Precision and innovative solutions

We strive to realize all our activities with unwavering dedication in pursuit of top quality in every segment of our activity.

Following contemporary trends and innovations in the field of construction and design, we create functional and aesthetically advanced solutions.

Client-Centric Approach

Dedication and professionalism, along with our many decades of business experience, is what we are happy to give to our clients with a common goal – the successful implementation of work.

Planning and development

In order to further continuous growth and development of the company, we are committed to clear planning and management of current business activities and constant improvement, modernization and development in all business segments.


The cooperation with the company Underpin on several large and countless smaller projects had such a result that we continued cooperation with these clients on subsequent projects or they were a recommendation for some new clients and the realization of their projects.


We had the privilege of working with the company Underpin on the renovation project of our office premises. Their expertise in finishing works and attention to detail have ensured that our premises reflect the dignity and elegance that befits our reputation. Many thanks for a job well done.

Adriatic bank

Through a number of years of cooperation with a large number of companies in the field of construction, the company Underpin stood out for its quality, speed of service and extremely fair business relationship. Thanks to this cooperation, significant projects were implemented to arrange the facilities of the bank’s business network, which contributed to the achievement of our excellent results in banking operations.

With great satisfaction and confidence in female entrepreneurship, we are sure that Underpin will continue to be our partner in achieving high goals and results.